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Landshark Wastewater Evaporator – Increase Evaporation Rates! | RWI

The LandShark Wastewater Evaporator uses a large spray fan for increased float times & evaporation rates and is designed for use in larger evaporation ponds.

Landshark Industrial Wastewater Evaporator Logo

Landshark Wastewater Evaporator

The Land Shark Wastewater Evaporation Unit is designed for use in larger evaporation ponds or areas where over spray is less of a concern. The fan's airflow produces a large spray pattern which allows longer float times, thus allowing greater evaporation rates. (Evaporation rates depend greatly on weather conditions such as ambient temperatures, relative humidity, wind speed, etc).

Landshark Wastewater Evaporation Unit Features:

  • Fan's airflow in excess of 100 mph
  • 3 wheel, trailer, float mounted or skid mounted
  • Oil field duty construction
  • New rubberized powder coating for better protection
  • 360 degree directional rotation
  • PLC controlled automated wind speed & direction control system available

Water Delivery System

  • Pump packages available
  • 2" Stainless steel manifold with 30 spiral jet nozzles
  • Flow rate up to 110 gpm
  • Water pressure: 100 psi


  • 460v 3-phase
  • NEMA 4x SS control panel with 2 start/stop controls
  • 25hp 1770rpm chem/mill duty motor for extreme conditions
  • 50Hz compatible


  • Aluminum blades and hub
  • 30" fan
  • Optional coating available upon request


  • 12 Months parts & labor

Photos & Videos of the Landshark Wastewater Evaporator »

Sales Contact:

Randall Jochim
+1 (970) 712-9673

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