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2245 Colex Drive
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Landshark 2.0

The Landshark 2.0 offers increased wastewater evaporation rates using 80% less power than other evaporators on the market.

Landshark Industrial Wastewater Evaporator Logo

Evaporation Reinvented. Landshark 2.0 offers increased evaporation rates using 80% less power than other trajectory evaporators on the market. 


Landshark 2.0 Evaporator

The new Landshark 2.0 evaporators are the most efficient on the market.  While trajectory evaporators run about 20% efficient, the new Landshark 2.0 evaporator runs 88% energy efficient. This increased efficiency allows the Landshark 2.0 to achieve greater evaporation rates while using, on average, 80% less power.

Landshark 2.0 Evaporation Unit 

The new Resource West  patented impeller design and patented fan case guide vane design, has  changed industrial evaporation. Landshark 2.0 has brought  the horsepower requirements to an industry low of 5 HP providing 23,000 SCFM. Our patented technology  allows  slowing the velocity  and therefore the Landshark 2.0  has gained superior droplet trajectory control, allowing dry aerosol drift to be mitigated.    


Superior Control

With the ability to control droplet size in real time, the Landshark 2.0 evaporator offers a superior control of dry aerosol plume.

The Landshark 2.0 employs an innovative spray dispersion method for homogeneous application of the fluid to the gas stream.  This patented spray method delivers superior spacing maximizing evaporation rates.  

  • Multiple patents covering the Landshark 2.0
  • Stainless steel construction 
  • Composite impeller  
  • Epoxy coated skid
  • Lowest energy consumption on the market
  • Highest evap rate per kilowatt/joule


  • 12 Months parts & labor

Advanced innovation - The Landshark 2.0 is covered by multiple patents




Photos of the Landshark 2.0 Evaporator »

Sales Contact:

Randall Jochim
+1 (970) 712-9673

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