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Wastewater Evaporation Overspray Control Devices - Resource West

Weather Station for wastewater evaporation overspray control

Evaporation Overspray Control Devices

Resource West is proud to offer the following wastewater evaporation overspray control devices for sale to suit your specialized dewatering needs:

Sales Contact:

Randall Jochim
+1 (970) 712-9673


Weather Stations

Weather stations turn the pump on or off depending on wind speed and/or wind direction which helps control overspray. This saves valuable time and money by not requiring an employee to monitor the evaporator as well as increases the run time of the evaporator.  All wind speed, wind direction and timers are easy to program on-site to fit your application.



The Diffuser is commonly used on our Apex Floating Wastewater Evaporator  in areas where overspray is a concern. The diffuser redirects water flow to the side to help evaporate water on smaller ponds & applications. There are six different height adjustments for desired plume size.


Call Resource West at +1 (866) 956-9378 to purchase or contact us for more information.

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